Arrowverse: next crossover will be smaller, says CW CEO

Arrowverse: next crossover will be smaller, says CW CEO

Arrowverse: next crossover will be smaller, says CW CEO
Photo: Disclosure / The CW

Crisis in the Infinite Lands was the most daring crossover in the Arrowverse, and it looks like the series will take a break from these interconnected adventures for now. Mark Pedowitz, CEO of CW, said in a conference call to TVLine that the next crossover is already being planned, but it will be nothing as grand as its predecessor.

In his words:

“It will be a smaller than normal event. We are only planning a two-hour event. We are talking about doing Superman and Batwoman together, with a lot of characters coming in from the new other series.”

Although the reason behind this bold decision has not been revealed, there are some bets that can be made on the matter: Fans of Arrow and The Flash, the Arrowverse’s two flagship series, shared their online dissatisfaction with events great importance for its central characters to have happened in other productions, like the death of Oliver and the marriage of Barry and Iris.

It is interesting that the productions are connected, but the fans are right when they say that events as awaited and important as these should happen in their original series, and not in the neighboring releases. It seems that the station has learned from its mistakes.

The move may also come as a way to promote Superman & Lois, the new series from the broadcaster, while at the same time seeking an attempt to win a larger and more loyal audience to Batwoman, who had a bad response in her debut season and can run the risk of being canceled if it does not improve its performance in the second year.

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