Arrow | 8 × 10 – Fadeout [Series Finale]

 Arrow |  8 × 10 - Fadeout [Series Finale]

8 years… That was the time that Arrow was part of our lives, and even with its ups and downs, the series made history and managed to take an entire universe of A.D to the small screen The CW. Stephen Amell will be our eternal Oliver Queen and Greg Berlanti will be among the biggest producers of television with its Arrowverse and everything you’ve achieved.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The entire episode was a tribute to Amell and Oliver with the right to understand what Oliver’s sacrifice has changed on Terra Prime… In short, many reborn dead and he duly taken to a place to be happy, with the right to know the fate of Felicity, who was also taken there by the Monitor.

The series put everyone to Oliver’s funeral, but rather one last mission: to recover William. The teenager was kidnapped by one of the first men Oliver went after and did not kill.

In this search we have Arsenal, Speedy, Spartan, the two Black Canaries, White Canary, Wild Dog, Flap, Lord Incredible, Lyla and Green Arrow. It was really cool to see John take over the reins of the group and the conversations of the characters about how they changed thanks to Oliver.

Mixing the actions of the early years with countless scenes of fights, the episode was cool to see the significant changes in Terra-Prime and how they know about these changes, like Quentin, Emiko, Moira, Tommy, all of them alive… And yet at the funeral we have the presence of Thalia and Nyssa Al Ghul, Kara and Barry.

Arrow closed his cycle well and even gave us the gift of John Diggle becoming Green Lantern when he picked up a ring that fell from the sky, but if it will be used later on, that’s another story… Everything will depend on the conduct of Green Arrow & the Canaries.

And again, with ups and downs, we said goodbye to Arrow.