Arrow | 8 × 09 – Green Arrow & the Canaries

 Arrow |  8 × 09 - Green Arrow & the Canaries

For the beginning of Arrow & the Canaries the series was kind of cool, showing Laurel’s arrival in the year 2040 and finding everything different from what we saw in Arrow so far … At least while they don’t release their memories.

Laurel arrived summoning Dinah, who now sings in a bar and we find that after the events of Crisis in the Infinite Lands she disappeared and appeared out of nowhere in the year 2040, but that there is a hole there, because the character appears next to Rene and Diggle in the episode of legends of tomorrow.

Together they have their memories and need to go after Mia to correct a problem that can hinder everything that Oliver wanted to sacrifice himself, because with the possible death of a young socialite, the year 2041 has Star City in chaos.

The episode then went to Mia and the future in which she saw, where she is to marry JJ, Zoe is alive, William is happy and Connor appears little. With her memory she questions everything and at least is willing to try to be the Green Arrow after her father, an honor he gave her, along with a uniform.

The intrigue that remains is the future, where we have someone who wants to release the memory of the people of the Crisis, making JJ remember that he is an Exterminator. The person wears the same ring that Laurel got with Cisco, which uses J’onn technology.

Another point that gets bored is the fact that Diggle and Lyla have their daughter Sara back, which doesn’t make much sense even though we have JJ in the year 2040.

Arrow now he leaves for a farewell with his 10th and final episode of the season and the last of the series …