Arrow | 8 × 08 – Crisis on Infinite Earths: Hour Four

 Arrow |  8 × 08 - Crisis on Infinite Earths: Hour Four

And the end is near!

The 4th hour of Crisis on Infinite Earths (Crisis on Infinite Earths) finally arrived at Arrow and brought the fate of Oliver Queen. Now as Specter, what we see is his farewell to his character, with passages from important moments from previous seasons.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Finally we understand how Mar Novu’s mind wanting to travel through time placed him in the universe of anti-matter, thus waking up the Anti-Monitor and reaching the point of destruction of the universe. There he knows that the end will come.

The heroes, the paragons, reunited with Oliver, finally have to deal with the situation of being in the Point of Extinction, where they are out of space time, and there they decide to separate … Going Kara, Ryan and Lex to prevent Mar Novu from creating the Anti-Monitor, and Barry, Kate, J’onn and Sara are looking for a way to defeat him.

If on one side we have Lex walking around Kara again, which has been delicious to follow, showing how Jon Cryer is excellent in the role of the classic villain, on the other we have yet another stint in the Multiverse of A.D, connecting the Arrowverse to feature films Warner Bros when putting Barry Allen’s Grant Gustin next to Barry Allen’s Justice League of Ezra Miller, which drove the internet crazy.

Upon joining Acceleration Force, the two Barry’s came face-to-face and had a simple but delicious dialogue, before they disappeared. The trip there happened due to a separation caused by the Anti-Monitor, which forced the Specter to put his parts back together with Barry’s help, but he also had to hunt his friends scattered during intense moments that Oliver went through.

Sara saw Laurel and John suffering his death, Kate understood the distrust that everyone has with Oliver when she saw Ray talking to him and J’onn had to remind him that everyone is only united because of his spirit in making him come together in first time Oliver and Kara were alone. Was pretty cool…

Millennia away, Kara needs to prevent Lex from reshaping the world to her liking by interfering with the Monitor’s fate, but Ryan also has a nice chat about him being the “humanity” needed by everyone.

In the end Specter / Oliver faces and defeats the Anti-Monitor with the help of the paragons, and they recreate the universe so that everyone can leave happy …

This 4th hour of Crisis on Infinite Earths (Crisis on Infinite Earths) in Arrow came with hope and started the most logical conclusion of the series, leaving the universes united, but we still need to understand what will happen from here …