Arrow | 8 × 05 – Prochnost

 Arrow |  8 × 05 - Prochnost

This episode of Arrow back in Russia to show Anatoly’s fate has served far more to work Laurel, the ancient Black Mermaid, than anything. Oliver’s plot approaching Mia was kind of cool, but Canário stole the scene !!!

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Lyla, or rather Precursor, met Laurel at the point where she scheduled to see Monitor, or Mar Novu, as Arrow and The Flash are already calling him, and showing the blonde that she knows more than she imagines. Laurel has a key in her hand: to betray Oliver or show that she has really changed …

Novu wants the weapon that Oliver went to find in Russia and needed Anatoly to infiltrate, except that he spent a good part of the episode with William and mainly Mia, approaching the children, who understand, but are pissed off by the abandonment. Mia is even worse, but little by little the two connect.

With the gun in hand and needing only the plutonium, Anatoly still has some good dialogues with Laurel and makes her see that she has changed a lot and she shows this in the end, when she breaks the agreement with Lyla and the worst, tells Oliver and Diggle that she is in contact with Monitor …

We still don’t have an answer as to what will happen to them, but the 3 were hit with darts and fell at Lyla’s feet.

First of all, we still see Diggle approaching Roy to bring Arsenal back to the team and show that his bloodlust on behalf of the Lazarus Well can be contained with the support that everyone there will give him. I like Arsenal and I wanted more action from him with Speedy, but I think Thea should not return because of the League of Heroes…

Arrow creating a narrative that’s quite nice, but we’ll see how far everyone will go, but my anxiety is really for the Crisis in the Infinite Lands that is getting closer and closer.