Arrow | 8 × 03 – Leap of Faith

 Arrow |  8 × 03 - Leap of Faith

After 2 very interesting episodes, this 3rd episode of the last season of Arrow it was very warm. It was nice of putting Thea back in Oliver’s life and getting us into his life by destroying the Lazarus Wells, because the future is still quite bland and with a turn I didn’t expect.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Oliver needed information about the Monitor and by going to Nanda Parbat he could get this, because the Ra’s Al Ghul is an ancient entity that keeps all the necessary information, so he finds Thea on the way, and has some interesting conversations with his sister, situating what can happen with the multiverse.

Other than that, the series again reminded us of Athena and Thalia Al Ghul, and everything about the League of Assassins. But at the end of the day what we see is Thalia being forgiven and alongside Thea starting the idea of ​​creating the League of Heroes, with the aim of cleaning up the evil they have already caused.

Thea disappears from the scene, but leaves an interesting feeling about what may come to her in other productions.

We still had Lyla having a good time with John to make it very clear that she is very much in love with the Spartan and we keep our heads imagining his reaction to discovering his lover’s connection with Monitor and his mission as the Precursor.

And finally we have Connor cheating on Mia again and what we see is William escaping the Exterminator ambush, but while Connor worries about his brother, Mia sees John Junior kill Zoe in front of him.

The problem is that when they are desperate with what happened, a flash almost blinds them to appear out of nowhere in the Archer Team bunker, next to Oliver, Dinah, Rene and John … And none of them know what happened.

Arrow must place the characters of the future in this present, because their future must change a lot with the effects of Crisis in the Infinite Lands, and this is a way to enjoy some of the characters.