Arrow | 8 × 02 – Welcome to Hong Kong

 Arrow |  8 × 02 - Welcome to Hong Kong

Full of action, with returns for farewell, Arrow is guaranteed and shows a huge prelude to the Crisis in the Infinite Lands of Arrowverse, but it has a huge Achilles’ heel to deal with: the future.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

And we’re back in Hong Kong … Oliver needs to find Dr. Wong for the Monitor, but he needs to first learn that it’s all about choices, and even following orders can be precise without hurting others.

So, in Hong Kong we have the return of Tatsu (Katana) and China White, showing that the Triad is after Dr. Wong, but here we have the return of the Alpha virus, which we saw in Season 3.

With many action scenes, the series does not create a climate of concern and they manage to recover Wong for the Monitor. The most interesting thing is to wonder what he will do with the matter of a dwarf star and Dr. Wong.

Except that for Oliver it is a mission to rediscover and accept the presence of John, Laurel, Tatsu and Lyla in moments of danger, only that he needs to understand that it is not only up to him, especially since it is the entire universe that is at risk .

And speaking of the risk of the universe, Laurel’s moment realizing that she lost her friends from Earth-2 was quite intense. It is impossible not to be touched by the “canary cry” and be so connected to Katie Cassidy. Her scene with Lyla I think was the best scene of the actress in the series so far.

To our “surprise” we have the ending with Monitor being warned by Lyla that he already has two of the expected items, only that she shows even more intimacy with the “entity”, as they have already talked about protecting John. I want to see how they will handle the information that Lyla is the Precursor …

And finally, the future … It is really inconsistent and a pain in the ass to put up with Mia, Zoe, Connor and William running against the Terminator gang, led by John Jr. There is no motivation that convinces us, and they are very weak …

Arrow shows an interesting path for Crisis in the Infinite Lands, but unfortunately it leaves a sour taste with the plot that rolls in the future.