Arrow | 8 × 01 – Starling City

 Arrow |  8 × 01 - Starling City

And the time has come for the most awaited return, the last season of Arrow and it came full of mysteries involving Oliver and his relationship with the Monitor and the best, the end of the multiverse… If you continue on this path, the series will end very well, and will still create an excellent environment for Crisis on Infinite Earths (Crisis on Infinite Earths).

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Seeking to remind us of his previous seasons, this return of Arrow put Oliver on the island Lian Yu and being rescued, but there is a very mysterious scene, which has the mask of Batman on the beach, instead of the mask of the Terminator …

And little by little the mystery increases, like Moira married to Malcolm, and Tommy alive … Then we find out that Oliver spent 12 years in Lian Yu and that Thea died of an overdose in his absence. Everything indicates that Monitor has reset his past and changed everything, but his meeting with Laurel solves the mystery.

Oliver is on Earth-2 and there he died on the island, while Robert returned and became the Archer, who later has Adrian Chase taking over the mantle. But just as Adrian became a hero and works alongside the ancient Black Mermaid, who returned to being Black Canary after a time on Earth-1, here Tommy is the Black Archer and he destroys the Glades to avenge Thea’s death.

The changes were interesting for this Earth, as the absence of Felicity, Curtis being the IT director of Queen Corp, Dinah and Rene are corrupted alongside Tommy.

The Monitor sent him to Earth-2 to rescue a particle of energy from a dwarf star, as there is a greater purpose for avoiding the Crisis. When everything is resolved, they are forced to leave as quickly as possible for Earth-1, as the Antimonitor has just destroyed Earth-2 with its antimatter.

I really liked the idea of ​​Oliver needing to not only rescue items, but end up needing to save people from these universes to help him in the crisis that is coming…


Meanwhile, in 2040, Mia, William, Zoe and Connor need to prevent not only Star City from being destroyed, but Glades himself, especially with the rise of John Diggle Jr., who is at the head of the Terminator gang.

Arrow returned with a season that starts with a more than interesting episode, because in addition to developing the plot that will tell the season, he also made a nostalgic moment that takes us back to the beginning of the series and still shows a “how it would be” without Oliver for near.

THE Crisis in the Infinite Lands promises and I’m more than looking forward to it…