Arrow | 7 × 22 – You Have Saved This City [Season Finale]

 Arrow |  7 × 22 - You Have Saved This City [Season Finale]

AND Arrow comes to an end delivering the fate of its characters, but leaving the plots open for the Crisis in the Infinite Lands, except that there are no details of who continues and how the 10 episodes of season 8 will be conducted.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The episode ran out of time so that Emiko wouldn’t destroy Star City and Oliver talked to her a lot at the end, and when she saw that the Ninth Circle just used her, and tried to kill her, she ends up fighting for her life and Oliver even tries to help her, but she ends up dying.

The coolest part of the episode ends up being the union of the old team, which needs to put Laurel (Black Mermaid), Diggle (Spartan), Rene (Wild Dog), Felicity (Observer), Curtis (Lord Incredible), Roy (Arsenal), Turner (Bronze Tiger) and Oliver (Archer). All united to solve a problem, but giving the understanding of the fate of each one after its resolution.

The most interesting thing is that after a few months of this problem, we see Oliver and Felicity happy in the cabin raising Mia, but the Monitor appears to collect the deal, taking him with him… It is in the future that we see Felicity following the same steps after passing the cloak for Mia, William, Zoe and Connor.

What we understand is that after Roy, Dinah, Alena, Felicity, Rene, William, Mia, Zoe and Connor destroy the wall that separates the Gladys from Star City, the main 4 will be the focus of the next season of Arrow, which you must focus more on the consequences and events of the Crisis on the Infinite Earths.

Arrow does not make a goodbye, she pays homage Stephen Amell and opens the way for new watchmen.