Arrow | 7 × 18 – Lost Canary

 Arrow |  7 × 18 - Lost Canary

Arrow he decided to focus on Laurel Lance and his Black Mermaid, showing us his rise behind redeeming himself for his acts, but having to fight not to have a relapse in his plans and villainous moments.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Soon Laurel turns in favor of countless malefactors, but mainly of Shadow, an old ally of the time when she was with Ricardo Diaz. She then steals again and wants money, while Felicity looks for a way to get her back on track.

The problem is that Laurel no longer inspires confidence, and Dinah turns strongly against her, wanting to arrest her and not listening to Felicity, leaving her to go to the only person who can enter her friend’s mind: Sara Lance.

Seeing the 3 canaries on the scene next to the Observer was very nice, but they could have explored other sides of them. Sara talking about paths and redemption was very good, and in the end Laurel decides to go back to Terra-2 and there, with the Canary Black uniform, pack up the things she has already done.

I laughed with Felicity calling their group the Birds of Justice, and I would really like it if the Huntress came back …

Far away, Oliver and John discover that Dante is behind all the problems that Emiko went through, including the death of her mother. It remains to be seen whether his half sister will believe him and whether he will turn against Dante, whether she herself seems more interested in continuing on this path. But as the series demonstrates all the redemption of its characters, let’s wait.

In the future Mia and Zoe run out of time to save the Canaries, as the network has been discovered and countless have been killed. Felicity and Dinah try to make Mia stop, but she is willing to take the villain’s helmet and do it right. And with Laurel’s help all platinum, she manages to avoid the predicament.

Laurel’s Canary is then alive in the future and surrounded by other canaries, in addition to knowing that they have a device that emits crying, as Felicity handed one to Dinah, who is without her metahuman.

Now is to see how far Arrow will, and I already want to understand your connections with Crisis in the Infinite Lands.