Arrow | 7 × 17 – Inheritance

 Arrow |  7 × 17 - Inheritance

Arrow it has now been a while in Emiko’s past to show her union with Dante, and even try to show that she is more dangerous than him. In addition, Felicity has a great help to raise the Archer Project and create his Smoak Technologies.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Felicity is the main point for the dystopian future that we have seen in flashfowards, and in the last episode we already knew that Archer was hers, and here we see her joining Alena to work on the algorithm and improve it. It is through Archer that they reach Dante, as ARGUS has a sample of its DNA.

The project ends up catching the attention of Emiko, who finally shows her claws and makes Oliver not know how to react to her sister’s union with the villain. Worse, when she is alone with Dante, she even threatens him, showing some of her power, and that power also stains Laurel, who has exposed her old relationship with Diaz.

Emiko’s flashbacks show her alongside Robert when he leaves her with his mother at age 11, when she ends up getting involved with Dante in her teens, she is already older trying to get closer to her father and thus getting a copy of Gambit’s plans, the boat that she also sinks, and starts the series.

So we have finally explained one of the curiosities of the beginning of the series, who was the one who sabotaged Gambit, and Emiko as revenge for everything is even cool, making even more evident the desire to end the series.

I’m not sure what to expect from Arrow, it’s the Arrowverse it gets stranger for the future and we already see Dante’s connection to the problems of Star City. The question is how they will conduct the plot from here, especially with Felicity again in danger.