Arrow | 7 × 15-16 – Training Day / Star City 2040

 Arrow |  7 × 15-16 - Training Day / Star City 2040

These two episodes of Arrow they were almost connected, because on one side we have Felicity excited about a project, while we see the consequences of it in the future. In addition, there are some parts a little hidden, mainly about the fact that she and Oliver had Mia.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

In “Training Day”We see that Dinah and even Diggle know about Felicity’s pregnancy, and even Rene also finds out, which is a bit confusing in the future when they see Mia, but we have three options: different timeline, Felicity lying about losing the child, or they disappear .

The fact is that the episode served to put Vigilantes and the Police side by side to solve the problems, but it still doesn’t say much of what these consequences will result in the future. But Rene starts to have a very different view, which changes him little by little…

An interesting link is to see Laurel talking to the Bronze Tiger and discover that Emiko cruelly killed Richard, and for her to discover this and even confront her, she takes his son to talk. So we have the connection that Connor, son of the Bronze Tiger, was adopted by Diggle and Lyla …

It is he who in “Star City 2040”Prevents Mia from being caught breaking into the Galaxy Tech building, Eden’s arm, which has already had problems in the city…

But this is not even the focus, the first part of the episode we see her grow up, being trained by Nyssa Al Ghul, while Felicity hid things from her. When she understands what her mother has done, she adopts the code name Blackstar and follows a life of watchfulness. Except that lies always follow, like the fact that Connor is a Knightwatch agent, a more heroic version of ARGUS.

It was strange to see Connor quote Spider-Man to Mia, with his “With big powers come big responsabilities“.

Then Mia and William reach Felicity, who doesn’t like to see them there, while Zoe, Dinah and Roy understand that Dale is going to blow up Star City, and even if Rene fights, he takes time to understand the truth.

I like the way the series draws flashbacks this new year, but it is still very confusing, but we know that Felicity created Archer in the present, and it is this project that can end everything in the future.

Arrow has been tying things up, but it takes a long time to have something interesting to develop the characters. There is something missing in the series, and you could draw some arcs better, separate them by season, because 23 episodes have become overwhelming…