Arrow | 7 × 14 – Brothers & Sisters

 Arrow |  7 × 14 - Brothers & Sisters

We have reached a stage in Arrow that some twists are not so interesting anymore, but we like some characters and we want to see their plots evolve in a certain way. I miss a more restrained dynamic and without the monstrous grandeur that they impose on some moments.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Finally they put Felicity together with Ricardo Diaz involved in the ARGUS Phantom Initiative and so his biggest fear is that he may go after his family, thus telling Oliver and Laurel that she is pregnant. When they set up a scheme to go after Dante, she has a chance to destroy Diaz, but she doesn’t, leaving Diggle to send him back to Slabside.

Except that Diaz has too much information about Dante, so he is burned alive, and I already want to see the reaction of the characters in this regard.

Unfortunately they put Dante as something very big, and in the melee against Oliver, he looks like a new version of Ra’s Al Ghul, and even a disciple he has, in this case, Emiko herself. So we have a “turnaround” without salt, but that puts Oliver’s sister in the eye of the hurricane, just as he struggles to have his confidence and show that he is different from his father.

But with the Phantom Initiative just being a headache and them losing Dante, Lyla may lose her job at ARGUS, only Diggle prefers to commit and leave the organization, so that his wife can continue doing her job, which he believes to be very important.

In the future we see only William approaching Mia and discovering that his father hid many things from him, only that Oliver was unable to contact his son for months, even trying and filling his message box. I still want to see what brought Glades and Star City into that situation, and I already want to know the message that Felicity left for the children.

Arrow it will end in season 8, and with 10 episodes, but until then it will prolong quite a few plots.