Arroba Cult | Warner Bros releases trailer for Argentine film Theft of the Century

 Arroba Cult |  Warner Bros releases trailer for Argentine film Theft of the Century

THE Warner Bros confirmed today (4) the launch of the Argentine feature The robot of the siglo.

With the national title of The Robbery of the Century production hits theaters in March.

In 2006, a group of thieves carried out what is considered one of the most famous and intelligent bank robberies in the history of Argentina, when they robbed the Banco Río branch in Acassuso.

Directed by Ariel Winograd, the film is written by the duo Alex Zito and Fernando Araujo.

Check out the national poster, the trailer, and more information.


The cast includes Guillermo Francella, Diego Peretti, and Luis Luque.

It rains torrentially and the streets are empty. Araujo takes shelter under the sunroom of a closed shop. There are puddles of water scattered across the avenue. He sees a light reflected in these mirrors formed by the water. Araujo looks up and sees the facade of the Río bank. Friday, January 13, 2006.

Grupo Halcón snipers await an order. More than 300 policemen stationed in the vicinity await command from their boss. Miguel Sileo, the negotiator, has no hope that Vitette, one of the leaders of the gang that invaded the Acassuso agency of Banco Río, will show any sign of life. The pizzas he had demanded are already cold. When Grupo Halcón is allowed to invade the site, they encounter the unexpected. Toy guns and a dozen frightened hostages await inside.

There is no sign of the assailants. As the hostages check to make sure none of the bandits are disguised among them, the police find that more than half of the coffers have been opened and emptied. Hanging inside a safe, there is a note that says: “No weapons, no hard feelings; among wealthy neighbors, it is only about money, not love ”.

Vitette, Araujo, De La Torre, Debauza, Marciano and El Paisa disappeared, as if it were a trick worthy of Houdini. There is only one problem: months after the robbery, Alicia Di Tulio, wife of Beto De La Torre, resentful for her husband’s flight with another woman to take advantage of his new fortune, denounces the six members of the gang.

They are captured one by one, but the money never comes. Was Alicia a setback in a perfect plan, or was this even planned by the architect of the Theft of the Century?

The Robbery of the Century arrives in national cinemas on March 26.