‘Aritana’: two games that lead us to indigenous mythology

game Aritana

Created by the Brazilian company Duaik, the two games in the franchise stand out for their simple gameplay, exuberant colors and history linked to the indigenous folklore of our country. , or, it is a platform game and the first in the sequence, its story tells of a tribe that lives in the ends of the forest.

game Aritana

Game reviews

The chief of this tribe, Tabata, is suffering from a serious illness and only a powerful ancient ritual can cure him. However, to complete the ritual one last ingredient is needed, the feather of the harpy that lives on the top of a mountain. During the game, the character called Aritana must pass through the lands of the man-eating monster Mapinguari to reach the top of the mountain and save the chief.

The game’s controls are very similar to other platform games, differing by the characteristics of the scenario and by special powers that can be obtained with your staff. The battles against – Mapinguari – are the only negative point of the game, being short and without much difficulty, but something that is compensated by the fun in the other parts.

, or Aritana and the twin masks, is the second game in the franchise. In this, the gameplay becomes 3D and more elements are incorporated into the characters, with a bow and arrow, being able to gain powers and create potions.

The story takes place in a temple where, again playing with Aritana, you must explore the paths and mysteries that surround your tribe’s past. Characters from indigenous mythology appear as the two masks, one being their guide and the other being their enemy. Your main objective in the game is to purify the corrupted parts of the temple and save the Tree of Life.

The enemies of this game are more elaborate than in the previous one, however, it suffers from the same problem. The battle against is not something that brings enthusiasm and, after noticing the enemy’s standards, winning becomes easy.

In summary, the two games in the franchise are a great choice for how to spend the weekend and a good way to support national games. Both are available for computers – through Steam – and on Xbox One, through the Xbox Store.