Aras Bulut, Memo of ‘Miracle of Cell 7’, has already been awarded for the role of disabled

Aras Bulut, Memo of ‘Miracle of Cell 7’, has already been awarded for the role of disabled

Aras Bulut Ä°ynemli, better known by Brazilians as Memo, of the movie , is a famous Turkish actor, with a long and award winning career. In addition to his role in the film available at Netflix, Ä°ynemli has already won an award for his participation in another exciting feature, where he plays a disabled person.

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Performance in the film

In 2013, aged 23, Aras Bulut Ä°ynemli starred in the film (In Turkish:). In the film, Bulut is Ä°hsan, a young man who was born without arms and legs, and who depends on his mother to do everything. This situation is so painful for Ä°hsan, that he constantly thinks about dying, so that in heaven, he can ask God why he was born that way.

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Then, unexpectedly, İhsan’s path crosses that of Temmuz (Deniz Celiloğlu), a talented sculptor, who leaves his parents’ house to try life alone. Recently unemployed and shaken by the breakup, the beautiful friendship with İhsan was everything the two of them needed.

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For his fantastic performance as a supporting actor, İynemli won the Sadri Alışık Award for theater and cinema actors, one year after the film’s release in Turkey. is available, complete, on YouTube. Unfortunately, it has no subtitles.

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Curiosities about the actor Aras Bulut Ä°ynemli

İynemli has a degree in Aircraft Engineering, standing out as one of the 100 best students at the Technical University of Istanbul, where he studied. At the age of 20, he won the disputed Antalya Television Award for his role as Mete Akarsu, in the series (, in Turkish) .He has a family of artists: An older brother is an actor (Orçun İynemli), his older sister is a television presenter and singer Yeşim İynemli, as well as a cousin, an uncle, and a great-uncle who are also actors. In 2016, at the age of 26, he won the Most Elegant Actor of the Year Award from the Istanbul University of Fashion. In addition to his acting career, İynemli has appeared in many advertising films and is the face of numerous brands. In 2018, he was chosen as the Man of the Year by Turkey’s GQ.