April 1st: Check out 5 movies about lies to watch today

April 1st: Check out 5 movies about lies to watch today

Today is the April Fools’ Day. On this date, it is common for people to be careful not to fall into any April 1st prank. To celebrate, we have listed 5 films where the lie is the central point of the plot.

April 1st is the fool's day

They are films for the whole family, classic and current. Some are available at Netflix, others in Youtube and one of them will be shown today on Afternoon session, from TV Globo. Check out!

5 movies about lies to watch today


We started this list with the 2011 film, starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. In (, Danny (Sandler) lies to his new girlfriend, saying he is a divorced family man.

To help him with this lie, he recruits his employee and friend Katherine (Aniston) and their children to pretend they are his family. is available on Netflix and will also be shown today at the Globo TV’s Afternoon Session.


In this 90s classic, Jim Carrey it’s Fletcher Reede, a lawyer with a compulsion to tell lies. Her son Max, tired of his father’s lies, makes a birthday wish: that the father spend a whole day just telling the truth. The request is made and Reede’s life is in chaos.

Pinocchio (1940)

The biggest symbol of lying, Pinocchio is a wooden doll made by Gepeto, which comes to life through a fairy. Every time you lie, your nose grows. In the film, Pinocchio gets into a lot of trouble with his friend Talking Cricket.

The original Pinocchio film is available on YouTube, as well as other adaptations based on the story of the wooden puppet who wants to become a real boy.


Teenage Olive (Emma Stone) decides to increase his popularity by inventing that he slept with a university student. The lie spreads throughout the school and the fame of ‘bitch’ increases with each new lie told. Olive likes the new status, but starts to wonder if it’s worth it.

is available on Netflix and also to buy or rent on YouTube.


is a film about scams, different from all others in the same segment. Roy Courtnay (Ian McKellen) intends to deliver his famous coup once again, this time on the newly widowed Betty McLeish (Helen Mirren). Everything changes when Roy starts to like Betty.