Anthony Daniels talks about C-3PO farewell in Star Wars: The Rise Skywalker

Anthony Daniels talks about C-3PO farewell in Star Wars: The Rise Skywalker

Anthony Daniels talks about C-3PO farewell in Star Wars: The Rise Skywalker
Photo: Disclosure / Lucasfilm

Anthony Daniels, who plays the android C-3PO in the Star Wars franchise since his first film, released in 1977 in theaters, he gave a recent interview via video conference to IGN in which he talked about the latest film in the saga, The Ascension Skywalker, and the role of his character in the plot.

In the movie released in theaters in December 2019, C-3PO had an important participation when joining Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), Finn (John Boyega) and Rey (Daisy Ridley) on a resistance mission.

“I was so touched that JJ finally brought something worthwhile, and including that crazy ‘I am not allowed to translate a Sith artifact’, what a wonderful inversion! “, says the star in the interview. Daniels also reveals that much of the character was cut in the final edition:

“You should also realize that there is a lot of editing after finishing filming, so the role of the C-3PO was even sweeter and broader than that. But some of those pleasantries need to be fulfilled because there is already a lot in this film, there are almost two films in one, as you know. So I was a little sad about that, mainly his relationship with Poe, played by the wonderful Oscar Isaac. That was so cute and funny, because Poe was always a little irritated by the C-3PO, but in a nice way. And when working with Oscar, I always laughed at scenes with him because he is so sweet and natural. “, He comments.

Daniels also reveals that he was moved by the words that C-3PO believed to be the last words, in a farewell to the Resistance heroes: “That sentence, ‘Looking for the last time, sir, at my friends’, even on the set, I was moved by that phrase. Even though we knew that we were basically talking about mental cleansing instead of death. And then, when I saw it in the trailers, I was like ‘Whoa’. “

With the Skywalker franchise closed, this was probably the last film in which Anthony Daniels will appear as the character, and the star is aware of this and doesn’t regret: “It’s probably the last one – I mean, as far as I know, because I’m just a contracted hand – the last one [vez em que C-3PO aparece] in a big movie, like Skywalker, because we know it was done. And rightly so, it must end. Let’s start another story with other characters in cool parts of the galaxy. There is a lot of galaxy yet to be explored. Who knows where several other writers and producers will take you, possibly without Threepio “.

The Ascension Skywalker is now available for purchase in 4K and Blu-ray.

While we have no forecast for the premiere of a new Star Wars film in theaters, we are still waiting for the second season of The Mandalorian, on Disney +, and aiming at the development of Kenobi, which will also be launched by the streaming platform.

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