Another song was cut from Mulan’s live-action

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Mulan’s original animated version turns 20 this month, and is a film marked not only by its spectacular story of how a girl disguised herself as a man to save China, but also by her incredible musical numbers, like every good film from Disney.

The live-action version is being produced, but more and more the details informed make fans worried about the film. This time, it has just been reported that Keep’em Guessing, music by the character Mushu that ended up being cut from the animated film, was cut again in the live-action version. Lyricist David Zippel explains:

“We wrote three different versions [da música]. But this is because we didn’t understand at that time that it wasn’t that [Eddie Murphy] he didn’t like our songs, he just didn’t want to sing in the movie. “

In the production version, Eddie Murphy will be playing Mushu, but apparently he is not in the spirit of “Disney musical” and is refusing the plot songs. “Evidently the actor was not interested in singing in the film. Fortunately, Mushu still had a lot to do in Mulan, so it’s not like his role was a major defeat just because Murphy didn’t lend his vocal talents to a musical number or two, “comments Zippel to EW.

Listen, in the video below, to the recorded version for the 1998 film that never played in the films:

Mulan’s live-action is due to be released in theaters on March 27, 2020. Until then, check out other incredible Disney films in our special section for the brand.