Anne with an E | Season 2 review

 Anne with an E |  Season 2 review

This 2nd season of Anne with an E, Canadian co-production CBS and the Netflix, ended up surprising me by the leap in quality that she ended up having, and in how her plots took on such grandiose proportions, dealing with sexuality, slavery, freedom, loneliness … And the protagonist, Amybeth McNulty it looks even better as Anne and her dreamy look.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Soon in “Youth is the Season of Hope”We are thrown into the new reality of Anne, Marilla and Matthew, who started renting rooms to keep the farm, only that we have new companions who have been selling the idea that Avonlea has gold. The plot of the gold went on too long, but it brought interesting consequences for the whole city, and the presence of a boy who shows interest in Marilla ended up putting her in a nice plot showing the desires at her age.

The foolish gold rush puts Diana’s parents in trouble, and shows how women need to look at the future differently. Her mother’s dialogue with her father, after losing good money due to exploitation and the money given to foreigners, puts the woman in a different position within the marriage.

It is this gold that brings Gilbert and Bash from afar to the city. Gilbert had a good time on the ship, traveled and worked a lot, and lonely, made friends with Bash, and it’s cool as the blacks and their freedom show, the crooked looks of the whites with the newly released ones. I thought his arrival in Avonlea would pose other problems, but Bash found love and family.

Anne with Gilbert always brings nice things, and he has learned that he wants to improve his medical knowledge while taking care of the farm with his partner. His romance with Anne is taken lightly and in the end the two even talk about being together …

I loved Aunt Josephine’s every moment, her party life and the love that needs to remain with friends, since the family would condemn it. It is the fact that Anne presents Cole the aunt who makes the boy understand his art and how he needs to be released like the lady to live fully, since in Avonlea he would suffer for being different, whether at home, at school, or anywhere else. place.

His plot with the teacher who feels desires but represses himself was intense, especially with the teacher engaged to one of Anne’s colleagues. The freedom she obtains after breaking off the engagement and how happy she was about it was great, especially as she brought such a modern teacher to stir up society, and I love how Marilla becomes friends with the teacher.

Anne with an E deals interestingly with the changes of the time and how your characters have a mind willing to see that they can see these changes in order to evolve. Unfortunately, some moments do not seem to have a satisfactory resolution, such as the boys’ joke with Cole, which did not yield many lessons, only some punishments.

I hope that the 3rd season will be as interesting as the first two, in an excellent work by the producers and this cast that captivates. Geraldine James grows up like the ex-grumpy Marilla and becomes an incredible mother to Anne, while the advice in the voice of RH Thomson how Matthew paternally consoles us, but they still picture the change that Anne puts in their lives in an incredible way.

Anne with an E has its first 2 seasons available on Netflix.