Annabelle returns home – movie review

Annabelle returns home - movie review

This story began in 2013, when we first met the Warrens, Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) and Ed (Patrick Wilson). Several years passed, during which the title doll changed the lives of many people into a real hell. This time, these two seekers of paranormal phenomena decided to take the cursed Annabelle, which is a portal for ghosts who want to penetrate our world, home and lock it in a special case. The plan is supposed to be perfect. After all, if they fail to tame this damn doll, then nobody will. Everything would be all right if it wasn’t for the nosy friend of the nanny, looking after their daughter. The girl, breaking all the rules, enters the Warrens office and, by accident, frees the demon. Can three teenagers tame Annabelle, or will they join the rest of her victims?

Gary Dauberman, for whom it is a directorial debut, is a great example that a great screenwriter does not necessarily have to be an equally talented director. His stories about Annabelle lack the fresh approach that the same creator presented in the 2014 script. Now, as if he just checked checked tricks from other horror movies, seasoning them with a little comedy. Dauberman did that already in the Nun, it was not a good idea. It is a pity that he goes this way, instead of returning to the climate he created in the view that is perfectly received by viewers or Annabelle: The birth of evil. Anyway, during the screening, I got the impression that the title doll is only a pretext for the creator to extend the series that brings solid income. He introduces so many damned artifacts, such as the medallion summoning the dead, a werewolf or a wedding dress, which causes brides to fall into a murderous frenzy that the doll itself falls to the background. It might as well be absent and the plot would not suffer much.

Three teenagers fall out quite average throughout the story, limiting themselves to just yelling at full volume and running from room to room in horror. In this respect, Annabelle returns to her home, reminiscent of the horrors of the second half of the 90s, which were directed primarily at teenagers. A lot of screaming, little blood and a lot of moments when a monster unexpectedly jumps out of the darkness. There is nothing innovative or interesting here. Such unchecking of predictable points that we know will happen thanks to music that leaves no illusions.

Fans may feel disappointed that in this part, the Warren appear only at the very beginning of the film. They are not the main characters. When strange things happen in their house, they are on a different mission, and their daughter Judy must face evil. Mckenna Grace, who plays her, does not give advice, her character is boring and the actress herself is not very plastic – except for one terrified face she is not able to suggest anything to viewers. Similarly, with her partner Madison Iseman and Katie Sarife, and when Michael Cimino appears on the horizon as Bob, the film begins to turn into a not very funny comedy.

Recently, we could find several really well-directed and imaginary horrors in the cinema. Even the Doll Speaking voice of Marek Hamill brought with it a certain freshness and provided a lot of entertainment. Unfortunately, this cannot be said. This is a film to watch once and forget what makes me sad, because The Presence that started this series was a really good and promising movie. I am even more disappointed that the man responsible for this film is who wrote To 2, which I am looking forward to. I hope his directorial debut is just an accident at work.

Annabelle returns home