Anitta is dating: Find out who the singer is quarantining

anitta and boyfriend

Anitta confirmed yesterday (26), in an Instagram live with her friend and influencer Camila Coutinho, who is officially committed and who is even going through the period of social isolation, recommended by WHO (World Health Organization) after the outbreak of the new coronavirus, at her new boyfriend’s house.

anitta and boyfriend

Anitta says she is dating and quarantining the boy

The singer also revealed during the live that her last trip to the Maldives was with her boyfriend. However, Anitta was careful and did not mention the name of her new partner, but revealed that she was quarantining her home, located in Angra dos Reis. The artist also guaranteed, even after her trip abroad, that the couple is healthy and free from the new coronavirus.

I’m not at home, just my mother. I came to my boyfriend’s house in Angra. He also lives with his parents, who are older and are alone at home. We came here about 15 days ago and as soon as we arrived we did a test. It was negative.

Said Anitta during live on Instagram.

According to UOL, Anitta’s boyfriend was the son of the president of the Nilópolis hummingbird samba school, Gabriel David. The singer would have known him at that year’s carnival, when they would have started the romance.

Another point in common that strengthens the rumors that Gabriel David would be the man to whom Anitta refers, is that both have published on Instagram very similar records in the Maldives Islands, which indicates that the two were there in the same period. Check out the clicks:

The photos, besides being in the same landscape, with both riding a bicycle, are also with the same effect, which makes them quite similar.

On the last 24th, Anitta also hinted that Gabriel David would be her new companion by sharing a vegan meal in her Instagram stories with the question “Is it good?”, Receiving Gabriel David’s reply shortly after: “It is very good ”.