Andrea Arruti, Elsa’s Mexican voice actress (Frozen), dies at 21 due to respiratory complications

Andrea Arruti, Mexican voice actress for Elsa (Frozen), passed away at age 21

Andrea Arruti, Mexican voice actress for Elsa (Frozen), passed away at age 21
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Andrea Arruti, voice actress responsible for Elsa’s voice in the Mexican version of Frozen, passed away last Tuesday, January 14, at the age of 21.

The information was released by the official Facebook of the dubbed, with a letter left by his family.

Check out the translation:

Mexico City, January 14, 2020.

On behalf of Andy Arruti’s family, we express sincere gratitude for the displays of affection and solidarity after his death in a hospital in this city.
After seeing some speculation about what happened, both in the media and on social media, we want to point out that Andrea died due to a respiratory complication that has weakened her body in recent months.
Throughout this period, well-being was sought and was duly attended by specialists. For her part, she did everything in her power to attend to her state of health and fulfill her family, school and professional commitments in a normal way.
Andrea was an exemplary person who had no addictions and those who knew her could see that she was always a cheerful young woman.
We appeal to your understanding at this difficult time and we ask you in the most attentive way to allow us to take the duel by remembering you as the luminous person that she was.
We also reiterate our thanks to your friends, co-workers and followers.
There is no need to extend comments and condolences to this account, as no one will be aware of it.

In addition to Frozen, Arruti also participated in the dubbing of popular productions such as Phineas and Ferb and Violet Evergarden, in addition to being the voice of Neeko, a character from League of Legends.

Rest in peace, Andrea Arruti.