American Horror Story: 1984 | 9 × 01 – Camp Redwood

 American Horror Story: 1984 |  9 × 01 - Camp Redwood

Youth in full bloom, rebellion of the 80s and a lot of sex and beer… So American Horror Story: 1984 it begins by bringing these young people to the Redwood camp, where nothing is as it seems and death lurks in every corner.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

For the start of a season, the series brought a lot of blood, mutilation and deaths, which was more hidden in some seasons of the series. Here everything is wide open, at the same time that it seems fake, which is the intention of the season, which aims to worship the slashers films, mainly Friday-13th, The nightmare time, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, among countless others.

Young people who only think about having fun, while being watched by a woman who has suffered and turned into a fervent one, while other adults do not see the things that young people fear. Okay, this is the basics of the season American Horror Story: 1984 who already introduces his villain, Mr. Jingles.

By showing its first massacre, the excess of blood, its collection of direct ears, the survivor, its return, the series manages to strengthen the dramas and create a very interesting environment, and that if well explored can yield a great new cycle, after two storms just “ok” (Cult and Apocalypse).

The series features Brooke, Montana, Xavier, Chet and Richard, the young people who will suffer at the hands of Mr. Jingles, while placing Rita, the nurse, Trevor and Margaret, the owner and survivor of Jingles, as “supervisors” of these young people who just wanna Have Fun.

We already have the deaths at the outset, and also a boy who survives being run over to be murdered in the camp. Mr. Jingles’ escape from a mental hospital when he finds out that Redwood has reopened is also legal, especially because of the news that never makes it to camp.

Check out the opening of American Horror Story: 1984

The weak point is that at first we don’t get attached to these futile young people, which should make it difficult to connect with this beginning of the season, but it’s nice to see Billie Lourd, Emma Roberts, Cody Fern and the others showing up, just like a Matthew Morrison completely different from your role as Glee, also from Ryan Murphy.

Let’s see how they will conduct this new year of American Horror Story: 1984, because we already know which ears will roll …