Amber Heard reveals details of Mera in Aquaman

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Actress Amber Heard, who plays the powerful and fearless Mera, spoke about the personality and origin of her character. BEWARE OF SPOILERS! For she revealed some details of the plot.

“She is a warrior who was raised by the Queen of Atlandis before her death. We met Mera when the Queen was gone and she was raised to serve that post her entire life. She was raised to serve her kingdom and rule Atlantis with the o King Orm (Patrick Wilson) She is very disciplined, almost military She is completely committed to serving her nation and this serves as an impetus for her to go to the surface world to get help from Arthur, who is the exact opposite of Mera – he lives in the moment, is confused about his own identity, does not have the purpose or focus of Mera, which makes them an unlikely pair. But it is this big difference that gives nuances to their relationship “, said the actress.

We’ve already checked out Jason Momoa for Aquaman in Justice League and he has earned the hero’s badass and badass reputation. In the solo film he will be lost between the two worlds he belongs to, humans and Atlantis.

One of the highlights of the film promises to be Amber Heard in the role of Mera, the badass wife of Aquaman, who has already appeared with costume and character approved. We continue to look forward to the trailer.

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By Milena Costa