Amazon Prime Video: The 5 Best Movies That Are Not on Netflix

Amazon Prime Video: The 5 Best Movies That Are Not on Netflix

The da service Amazon, The Prime Video, has a catalog of great films, ranging from classics to original releases. Some of them are only available there, it is not possible to find them on Netflix, for example.

The best movies on Amazon Prime Video

Based on the grade given by the IMDb (Internet Movie Database), we list the 5 best films currently available on the Amazon Prime Video for you to watch today. Check out!

5 best movies on Prime Video that don’t have on Netflix

5th (2017)

Note: 8.0 IMDb.

Inspired by The New York Times bestseller, it tells the inspiring and exciting story of August Pullman. With facial impairments that have so far prevented him from going to a conventional school, Auggie becomes the most unlikely of heroes when he enters the 5th grade of an ordinary school.

4th (2018)

Note: 8.2 IMDb.

Tony Lip, an Italian-American security guard, is hired as a driver for Dr. Don Shirley, a black upper-class pianist, during a tour of the southern United States. Faced with racism, they are forced to put aside differences to survive and thrive on that journey.

3rd (1984)

Note: 8.4 IMDb.

For some, life is a simple progression of ordinary events that happen over the years. For others, this is not enough. Loyal friends, Noodles and Max were common Jewish children of New York’s Lower East Side in the early 20th century. But they wanted more.

2nd (1998)

note: 8.6 IMDb.

Based on World War II drama. American soldiers try to save their colleague, Private Ryan, who is behind enemy lines.

1st (1999)

note: 8.8 IMDb.

An explosive insomniac sufferer (Edward Norton) and a charismatic soap salesman (Brad Pitt) turn primitive aggression into a shocking form of therapy. Prepare for impact!

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