Amazon Prime Video offers first episode of the new Original Amazon reality show, Soltos em Floripa, for free

Amazon Prime Video offers first episode of the new Original Amazon reality show, Soltos em Floripa, for free

THE Amazon Prime Video announced that the first episode of Loose in Floripa, new reality show and second brazilian series Original Amazon, will be available on the streaming service for free, starting today, March 20. For those who are not subscribers, it will be enough to create an Amazon account, without the need to subscribe to the Prime package, or including credit card data, to have access to the content.

Loose in Floripa will bring together eight charismatic young people from different parts of Brazil in a lush beach house in Florianópolis, where together they embark on a journey full of parties, fights, dramas, fun and relationships. Beatriz Garcia, Thais Pereira, Taynara Nunes, João Mercuri, Murilo Dias, Luan Cavati, Nathalia Gomes and Ramon Bernardes, in addition to having the audience following their adventures in Floripa, will also count on the comments of six celebrities, who participated in the bonus episodes Loose in Floripa: A Resenha.

The series of eight episodes, with an hour duration, is innovative in the genre of Brazilian realities and with high quality production. In addition to the weekly unreleased episodes, a bonus episode will be released every Tuesday called Loose in Floripa: A Resenha – which will show the reactions of celebrities to the events of the house with images of what they are watching. The singer and drag queen Pabllo Vittar, the actor Felipe Titto, the country singer Mariano, the singer and songwriter from Rio MC Carol, and digital influencers John Drops and Bianca Andrade are the stars of Loose in Floripa: A Resenha.

Today, March 20, the first two episodes of Loose in Floripa, the first being free and open to the public, and on March 24, the first two bonus episodes, Loose in Floripa: A Resenha, with comments on the episodes released at the premiere.

The first episode of Loose in Floripa Free is a promotion to present the reality show to the public, and has already been carried out by Amazon Prime Video on previous releases of original series worldwide.

The series, produced by Forest (On Vacation with Ex, Top Chef Brasil, Lady Night, Shark Tank Brasil), is the second Brazilian Amazon Original to be launched by the streaming service, after the debut of All or Nothing: Brazilian Team, available since January 31.

Customers will be able to enjoy weekly episodes and bonuses, anytime and anywhere, through the Prime Video app or at Loose in Floripa will be launched globally to more than 200 countries and territories in July.