Álvaro Morte, the Professor at La Casa de Papel, reveals a scene that shook him

The paper house Alvaro death

THE 4th season of La Casa de Papel, which reached Netflix on April 3, it rocked the structures of fans and actors alike. The actor performing Teacher, Alvaro Morte, revealed in an interview which scene was the one that shook him the most among all the episodes of the 4 seasons of the series .

The paper house Alvaro death

Álvaro Morte, Professor at La Casa de Papel, talks about series

According to the actor, the last scene of the third season, which precedes the uproar that occurs in La Casa de Papel 4, was what most shook him.

Definitely the scene of the third season when the Professor hears the shots that kills Raquel. I remember working with the principal and discussing how we could do this and how we could deliver the Professor’s shock and unreal reaction

Account Álvaro Morte.

Álvaro Morte explains that Sergio’s feeling when he thinks his beloved Lisbon was murdered in cold blood was extremely difficult to interpret.

He hears the shot and that is like going through his chest. He is even more shocked as he hears the second shot and then falls to his knees while making that strange face full of horror, but unable to cry

Says the actor.

For the actor, the scene was a decisive moment for the character, who undergoes an inner change and starts to look at the assault from another perspective.

You can see it when he tells Palermo that the war was just beginning

Finalizes the teacher interpreter in the series.