Altered Carbon is renewed for second season and will be starring Anthony Mackie

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It is confirmed: Altered Carbon, the original Netflix series that reached the streaming service in February this year, has been renewed for its second season this Friday (21), but there will be a change in the main cast.

Joel Kinnaman played Takeshi Kovacs in the first season, but the character will now be played by Anthony Mackie, known as Sam Wilson / Falcon, from the Marvel films, who has just joined the cast of the series.

The change, however, was already expected among Altered Carbon fans, according to the futuristic plot that allows human consciousness to be transferred from one body to another. However, there is still no premiere date for its second season. For now, review the first trailer:

In the 25th century, death no longer exists thanks to a technology that allows the transfer of the person’s consciousness to another body. Japanese Takeshi Kovax has faced “death” several times. Now, his conscience is passed on to the body of police officer Elias Ryker, who is conducting a dangerous murder investigation.

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