Alok’s new record label releases music this Friday (15)

Alok’s new record label releases music this Friday (15)

In the midst of the difficult times we live in, music has proved to be yet another great resource to alleviate everyday problems. With that in mind, heart and soul, the DJ and producer Kohen, in colaboration with Salim Sahao, presents its newest release, “Waiting”, released by Controversia, Alok’s new record label.

Kohen joins Salim Sahao and launches “Waiting” by CONTROVERSIA RECORDS

The track is a true Brazilian track by Bass House and Future House, with high levels of energy. This is his first release by CONTROVERSIA RECORDS, the sub-label of Alok at the giant Spinnin ‘Records.

Betting on the talent of the two Brazilian producers, “Waiting” already got support from artists like, to name a few. Kohen has some hits on Spotify like “Still Alive”, in collaboration with Liu, ”Feelings”, next to VINNE, signed by Musical Freedom, Tiësto’s label, and the author “Close Your Eyes”.

In addition, the young talent has worked with Vintage Culture on two occasions, in a collab to remix “There For You” Martin Garrix, who left for Spinnin ‘and also doing the official remix for Vintage itself in “Pour over”.

Producing this track was very incredible for me. Salim arrived with a sketch, but I soon felt a different atmosphere for her. I thought we should dare a little, try to mix the energy of Bass House with the synthesizers of Future House, which are two genres that represent me a lot. I guarantee that everyone will feel this crazy vibe that we created with her ”

says Kohen, who promises more tracks even in 2020 for the label.

Salim Sahao is a DJ, producer, multi-instrumentalist and lover of Electronic Dance Music. At just 19 years old, the young man always had the support of his radio host father and grew up listening to music and learning about it since he was little.

With collaborations with other artists in more than 5 countries for singles and remixes, which together surpass the mark of 500 thousand plays on the platforms, Salim is always looking for new sounds to present.

I started this track as a joke, trying to make a Bass House. Even with the atmosphere of the tracks, I wanted to convey a strong and exciting feeling. In this search, I ended up finding my new sound identity. I sent it to Kohen and we closed this collab. The result and the feedback were fantastic. Hope you like it”

adds Salim.