All Women in the World, Chicago Med and more news from Globoplay in April

All Women in the World, Chicago Med and more news from Globoplay in April

Owner of a sensitive look at life, with generous doses of poetry, love and humor. So it was Domingos Oliveira. Able to make philosophical reflections with a unique and remarkable irreverence, the playwright and all his genius inspired All Women in the World, original romantic comedy Globoplay arriving on the platform on the day April 23. On the one-year anniversary of the artist’s death, the series pays homage to the essence of Domingos’ work. With unpublished contributions from the writer himself, the plot features characters inspired by his works and others created exclusively for the series.

Each episode tells a new love story, which together form an anthology of women’s lives and their different ways of loving. Despite the different personalities, they share the charm of living love at first sight with the same man: Paulo (Emilio Dantas). He is a man in love with freedom, poetry, women. For all the women in the world. An architect by training and a poet at heart, this Carioca immerses himself in body and soul in each of the relationships he lives.

In 12 episodes, the series features actors who have lived or worked with Domingos Oliveira throughout his career. In addition to Emilio Dantas, Sophie Charlotte (considered one of the playwright’s “muses”), Matheus Nachtergaele, Martha Nowill, Maria Ribeiro and Lilia Cabral are part of the cast, as well as the ex-wife Priscilla Rozenbaum and the daughter, Maria Mariana. Among the big names, the purposeful choice of talented and less well-known actresses stands out with the intention of generating love at first sight, also in the public.

All Women in the World is a series written by Jorge Furtado with Janaína Fischer, freely inspired by the work of Domingos Oliveira, with artistic direction by Patricia Pedrosa.

Also in April, anyone who is a fan of the medical series will win another title to marathon. Chicago Med joins the successes of the genre The Good Doctor, New Amsterdam Hospital and Nurse Jackie already available in the catalog. The work follows the team of doctors, nurses and staff at a Chicago hospital facing daily challenges as they do what is necessary to treat their patients.

The platform has other launches later this month. In Seal Team – Elite Soldiers, the elite military of the United States Navy trains, plans and executes the most dangerous missions around the world to preserve the security of the country. Already in Trigger – Mental Trigger, the psychologist Artem (Maksim Matveyev) tries to prove his innocence and recover his family and career after serving time for being accused of causing the death of a patient. Is at Temple Station, motivated by a personal tragedy, the surgeon Daniel (Mark Strong) hides an underground clandestine clinic in London, where he cares for criminal and desperate patients.