Aline Lemos’ new HQ, Fogo Fato, debuts in October in Catarse

Aline Lemos' new HQ, Fogo Fato, debuts in October in Catarse

The comic artist Aline Lemos launches on October 4th the crowdfunding campaign to publish its new comic strip. Fire Fact is a story of science fiction and urban fantasy about love and exclusion in the city.

I started writing Fire Fact in 2016, with the desire to address current conflicts, such as social exclusion and urban mobility, from the perspective of science fiction and fantasy. My references were feminist cyberpunk, magical realism and especially the Brazilian past and present, themes that have always passionate me. It was difficult to carry out a long project like this, despite all the passion”, Presents the comic artist.

According to Aline, the project of 78 pages drawn in ink took longer to be executed. “Paid jobs were being prioritized, months passed, and with every political upheaval in the country I was sure that my dystopia would become out of date. Far be it from me to consider myself updated in Brazil 2019, where the pace of disappointments is fast. ”

The story takes place in the city of Limiar, which is undergoing intense modernization under the government of the Ultra Management & Technology Authority. This governance implemented the miraculous system of tram transport. Despite technological triumphs, Limiar suffers from the growing conflicts involving the ghost population that has come to populate it mysteriously. In this universe, Fire Fact accompanies the hacker duo Cris and Mina, an incarnate person and his ghost girlfriend, in an investigation into the fires that hit the city’s cemeteries. The secrets they find reveal new ways of seeing the world, but they also bring danger to everyone.

Fire Fact it speaks of the different ways of existing and loving in contexts of exclusion and violence. It is a fantastic story about the reality of surviving together, despite the oppressions that affect our subjectivities and limit our power of action”, Explains Aline.

The campaign

Book printing will be financed collectively through the platform Catharsis, on the page In between 4/10 and 10/11, it will be possible to support the campaign with values ​​from R $ 15, in exchange for rewards such as postcards, original art and the book itself in digital and printed version. If the project does not reach the goal, the supporters’ money will be returned.

The author

Aline Lemos he is a cartoonist born in Belo Horizonte. Since 2014, he has been producing independent publications and holding workshops on the subject. Published seven fanzines and the book Brazilian Artists (Publisher Miguilim, 2018), award winner HQ MIX 2019 in the Homage category.