Aladdin’s first impressions are positive

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The first impressions of Aladdin’s live-action came out and the expert critics had positive impressions, although it did not completely please.

“A lavish and enjoyable retelling, but it doesn’t have enough of An Ideal World to be successful. Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott are great, while Will Smith brings fun energy to his genius, even if the CGI is disappointing. The less talk about Jafar, the better. “

“I just watched the new ‘Aladdin’ and it’s amazing! If Sanjay Leela Bhansali ever made a Disney film, it would be that film! I felt like I was seeing a version of Romeo and Juliet, but without people dying.”

“So ‘Aladdin’ is Disney’s second best recent remake, second only to ‘My Friend the Dragon’. It’s a musical fantasy adventure, the jokes are good and the [Will] Smith is a lot of fun. Human protagonists are also good. It’s about 20 minutes longer than it should be, but it’s a charm. Will Smith raps during the credits! “

“I can guarantee that most of your concerns about ‘Aladdin’, especially those related to Will Smith, will go away when the first song starts. Billy Magnussen may be a comedy genius.”

The animation grossed more than $ 500 million at the world box office in 1992, in addition to winning two Oscars. Disney is doing well with the release of live-action versions of its famous animations, the most recent was Beauty and the Beast, the next is the Lion King and we will still see Mulan and Ariel in theaters.

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By Milena Costa