Al Pacino – movie ranking [TOP 10]

Al Pacino - movie ranking [TOP 10]


When the boss orders you to list the best movies of such a big acting as Al Pacino, know that endless dilemmas and hesitation await you, followed by hellfire in the comments. How to choose the ten best positions from filmography, which is full of pearls? Right, Al Pacino had a period in his career when he flirted with slightly less sophisticated cinema, but most of the creations he created were the acting Mount Everest. However, the selection had to take place. As a result, such great productions as: … … and justice for all, Fever or Devil’s Advocate, fell off our top. What then qualified? We invite you to familiarize yourself with our TOP10!

Al Pacino – movie ranking

Brian De Palma presented the story of a gangster who really wanted to get on the right path, but due to his surroundings, he had no chance. His crazy brother caused him the most problems, and he was getting into trouble every now and then. It is worth noting that in addition to the great role of Pacino, we also had an outstanding creation of Sean Penn (the actor was nominated for the Golden Globe for his performance).

Pacino’s latest role is a return to great acting. After a few less successful sensational productions, the artist finally showed what he could do. Were it not for the fact that Brad Pitt had this year’s Oscar almost in his pocket, the favorite for the statuette would certainly be the role of Jimmy Hoffy.

A film boiling over with testosterone. Al Pacino plays the football coach here on a life bend. A very complicated role, hundreds of dialogue lines and a great challenge for the cast. Oliver Stone created a movie with great, dynamic editing, according to the rules of modern cinema. Pacino felt like a fish in the water. Even Jamie Foxx had to give way to the foreground of a charismatic colleague.

A movie that hardly anyone heard of, and yet Pacino starred in it: Jack Lemmon, Alec Baldwin, Alan Arkin, Ed Harris, Kevin Spacey and Jonathan Pryce. A story about desperate real estate agents ready for anything. Pacino plays here as a real shark, who against his will must comply with the rules of the merciless rat race.

They say Pacino is like wine, but young Al also has its charm. Doggy afternoon is a great old-style thriller, which is driven by acting. Pacino charges nice, but never once does he fall off the track. Oscar nomination as well deserved.