Agent Carter becomes Captain America in Marvel HQ

Agent Carter becomes Captain America in Marvel HQ

Fans of Captain America’s comics know that one of the character’s great allies is Agent Carter. Peggy Carter and his niece, Sharon, were once Steve Rogers’ love interests. But now, it is she who will assume the mantle of the hero.

Marvel recently announced the return of the series Exiles, written by Saladin Ahmed and Javier Rodriguez. She will follow a few steps from the original, but with a new cast of characters, such as a cartoon Wolverine, an older Kamala Khan and a Valkyrie inspired by the actress Tessa Thompson, from Thor: Ragnarok.

This team travels between alternative universes to protect the multiverse, and in their adventures, they have already met several heroes. And this time, we will see another version of Peggy Carter, who in one of these locations is the owner of Captain America’s mantle.

This version of Agent Carter is known as Captain Carter, and lives in a world in which the Red Skull reigns supreme and rules the world with iron hands. And the arrival of the team should help the character to seek a little more freedom for his world.

Agent Carter as Captain America had already been introduced to the 2016 Marvel Puzzle Quest game, which explains its origins. Here, Steve Rogers died tragically during World War II, and Peggy had to take the lead because of the hero’s absence. And the new Exile comic should take place in this universe.

As important as it was in Captain America’s comic book history, Peggy Carter was relatively unknown outside of Marvel’s comics until actress Hayley Atwell played in Captain America: The First Avenger. She became a beloved character by fans and also appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Ant-Man, in addition to winning a television series, Agent Carter, which was canceled after two seasons.