After the series The Division hits theaters in January!

After the series The Division hits theaters in January!

THE Downtown Movies announced that The division hits theaters in January 2020.

Starring the actors Silvio Guindane, Erom Lamb and Marcos Palmeira, production takes place in the late 1990s a wave of kidnappings shakes Rio de Janeiro.

A group of policemen takes over the Anti-Sequestration Division (DAAS) and the mission to dismantle the gangs that transformed crime into industry.

A series of kidnappings gains repercussions and demands a quick response from the police when the crimes reach the upper classes of society and the daughter of Deputy Venâncio Couto (Dalton Vigh) is captured. In order to end kidnappings in the city, Police Chief Paulo Gaspar (Bruce Gomlevsky) summons police officers known for their involvement in the Roberta corruption (Natalia Lage), Santiago (Erom Cordeiro) and Ramos (Thelmo Fernandes).

Their ability: they have a game and experience in dealing with traffickers, not always for the good. They join delegate Mendonça (Silvio Guindane), known for his hatred of corruption and also for his extremely violent behavior in dealing with criminals. The team is supervised by Chief Benicio (Marcos Palmeira), in charge of the case.

The steering gets Vicente Amorim, and the final script with Gustavo Bragança and José Luiz Magalhães.

Vanessa Gerbelli, Rafaela Mandelli, Cinara Leal and Augusto Madeira are also part of the cast.

The division arrives on January 9th.