After Gusttavo Lima and Jorge and Mateus, see the date of the next lives

After Gusttavo Lima and Jorge and Mateus, see the date of the next lives

The artists’ are doing the most success! The main reason, of course, is the period of Quarantine, to which everyone is submitted, which prevents singers from performing live shows for many people.

live do jorge e mateus

break audience record

Recently, the live of the singer sertanejo Gusttavo Lima reached 750 thousand simultaneous accesses, breaking the record established by singer Beyoncé. A few days later, last Saturday (04), this record passed to the duo Jorge e Mateus, with an amazing 3.1 million simultaneous accesses in just over 4 hours of live.

In addition to killing the longing of the fans, the lives are also supportive. The artists who presented the shows directly from their homes, collected food, courses and even alcohol gel for those in need.

Upcoming lives

Check the schedule of the main and most awaited events that will happen in the coming days, on the artists’ official YouTube channel:

Wednesday (08/04), 20h – Marília Mendonça (Watch)

Thursday (09/04), 8:00 pm – Pericles (Watch)
Thursday (09/04), 8pm – Pedro Sampaio (Watch)
Thursday (09/04), 21h – Bruno & Marrone (Watch)

Friday (10/04), 20h – Marcos and Belutti (Watch)

Saturday (11/04), 20h – Gusttavo Lima

Sunday (12/04), 16h – Pagode Class
Sunday (12/04), 18h – Zé Neto and Cristiano

Saturday (4/18), 8pm – Wesley Safadão (DVD recording)

Sunday (19/04), 16h – Rust
Sunday (19/04), 18h – Henrique and Juliano

Saturday (04/25) – Gustavo Mioto

Sunday (26/04), 18h – Luan Santana

To see the full agenda of of the month of April, click on here.