After contracting coronavirus, Gabriela Pugliesi breaks quarantine and celebrates

After contracting coronavirus, Gabriela Pugliesi breaks quarantine and celebrates

Influencing Gabriela Pugliesi was severely criticized after breaking the quarantine established to contain the spread of the new coronavirus and have a private party at your home. The images were released on Instagram of the famous, who contracted Covid-19 about a month ago, at her sister’s wedding, and today she is cured of the disease.

Gabriela Pugliesi

Gabriela Pugliesi breaks quarantine and holds party

The party organized by Gabriela Pugliesi took place in her own residence in order to receive her friend and former BBB Mari Gonzalez, who left the confinement a week ago.

The images published in the stories did not show Mari, but several rumors point out that the famous and her fiance, the former BBB Jonas, were among the guests. Other names who attended the meeting were Mariana Saad and Bárbara Brunca.

Among the stories made by Gabriela Pugliesi, the most controversial was when she appeared with a glass of drink in her hand and declared on video “Fuck life”. Check it out:

What this Pugliesi did is a disrespect to all health professionals who are putting their lives at risk, all of us who are in ksa respecting the quarantine, and all of the hospitalized people fighting for their lives.

– Sometimes I’m Ruth, sometimes Raquel (@Viviane_Croft) April 26, 2020

Other name personalities like the comedian Tata Werneck and the journalist Cecília Olliveira they also repudiated the attitude of, commenting on the situation through their social networks.

Gabriela Pugliesi
Gabriela Pugliesi

Gabriela Pugliesi published a video apologizing for her attitude on her Instagram, leaving comments on the video blocked to the public.

I’m just making this video to apologize from the bottom of my heart. Yesterday (4/26) I gathered half a dozen friends here at home, we asked for food, drank, I freaked out, posted, talked nonsense, anyway … I am extremely sorry, I’m bad with myself, I was irresponsible, immature and more I once wanted to apologize.

A explains that she understands her mistake and highlights the importance of avoiding agglomerations during the pandemic situation.

I made a mistake because it is not to gather people at home because I know there are people experiencing difficulties, because it is offensive and does not help anyone at that moment.

In Brazil, more than 63,000 people are already infected with Covid-19 and about 4,200 lives have been taken as a result of the disease.

Quarantine is difficult for me, but I know it is much more difficult for other people and I always propose to talk about how wonderful life can be. I have to be responsible for what I post, what I say, and more once I that to apologize from the bottom of my heart