Adore, national game featured at BGS 2018, gets trailer

Adore, national game featured at BGS 2018, gets trailer

Adore, from the national company Cadabra Games, won a new trailer. The game will be released for Steam, and in it your character can summon and control creatures to fight by your side, but in a simple and innovative way

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In Adore, you can customize your play style according to the creatures you capture. Each of them has very different characteristics and abilities. Ranging from more fragile creatures, however, with high damage; slow and lasting, or creatures with greater control, such as stun and freeze.

Each creature has a special ability that can be used when its energy bar is full. The player has to analyze whether it is the best time to use the special ability or try to save it to use in a situation where it would be most effective.

Image: Cadabra Games


Adore it begins shortly after the village of Lukha is attacked and, as one of the last survivors, he must warn all other Adorers’ villages about the attack of the Established Realms. On his way, he discovers not only many secrets from the immense and mysterious forest of Gaterdrik, but also a conspiracy to kill the God of creatures: Draknar.

To find out what we think of the game when we tested it during the BGS 2018, click here.

Adore will be released for PC (via Steam) and forecast for major consoles.