Adaptation of Your Name in book will be released this month

Adaptation of Your Name in book will be released this month

Your Name, Japanese manga, gained a lot of success around the world after its adaptation in animated film that even reached the screens of Netflix, increasing its international popularity even more. Now, production is counting down to be released in a new format: book.

The work will arrive in bookstores in Brazil on October 30, entirely in Portuguese and published by Editora Verus. Check out the official synopsis:

“The most successful box office anime romance of all time.

Mitsuha is a student who lives in a small town in the mountains. Despite her peaceful life, she has always been attracted to the daily lives of big cities. One day, Mitsuha has a strange dream in which he becomes a boy. In the dream, she wakes up in a room that is not hers, has friends she has never seen and strolls through Tokyo. And so make the most of your day in the big city, where she would love to live.
Interestingly, a student named Taki, who lives in Tokyo, also has a strange dream: he is a girl who lives in a small town in the mountains. What is the secret behind these vivid dreams?
Thus begins the fascinating story of two young people whose paths should never have crossed paths. By sharing bodies, relationships and lives, do they become inextricably linked? but are there truly indestructible connections in the great tapestry of fate?
At the same time fun and exciting, Your name. it is an inspiring reading, able to dance on the fine thread between reality, dream and the supernatural, as it accompanies the concerns of a girl and a boy determined to cling to each other. “

Also remember the movie trailer:


Author: Makoto Shinkai
Translator: Karen Kazumi Hayashida
Publisher: Verus Editora
Format: 14 x 21 cm
Price: $ 29.90
Pages: 192
Buy at:

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