Actress says goodbye to Anne with an E with emotional text on Instagram

Actress says goodbye to Anne with an E with emotional text on Instagram

Actress says goodbye to Anne with an E with emotional text on Instagram
Photo: Disclosure / CBS

This Monday (25) arrived with bittersweet news for Anne with an E fans: while the third season opens on January 3 on Netflix, this will be the last of the series.

On Instagram, actress Amybeth McNulty, who brought the red-haired protagonist to life, shares an emotional text to say goodbye to her character. Check the translation below:

Dear Anne,
I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to say goodbye, but as the saying goes – everything must come to an end.
Thank you for teaching me, growing with me and loving me. I took so many parts of who you are in my life.
Anne taught me how to be brave, how to be strong, how to love without excuse and how to address so many different obstacles in life. It is much more than words on paper. She really is part of who I am now, and I will carry her with me forever.
I cannot deny that I am heartbroken, but more than that, I am grateful. Such a large part of my childhood is documented, and what an experience to document it.
For the cast and crew, my second family. You put all the parts of your heart and soul into this project, and I promise that it will not go unnoticed. Each of you helped me to become the woman I am today, I just hope that I have made you proud in some way. You are all these remarkable people and I can never thank you enough. Please keep in touch.
And for you, viewers. Those who have supported us in recent years. I can say that now, but on those difficult, cold and stressful days, just seeing the effect that this program has on you or how it has improved your days really pushed me. I can honestly say that those difficult days were worth it for you.
I will miss this series with all my heart and will never forget that journey. My childhood was good, thanks to all of you.
In the wise words of @moirawalleybeckett: “I am so sad to see you go and still so happy to meet you.”
With all my love, Amybeth.
Enjoy the ending! On January 3, on Netflix.

Meanwhile, fans of the series demonstrate on social media with the tags #SaveAnneWithAnE and #RenewAnneWithAnE, hopeful that the decision could still be changed. However, the possibility of a renewal has not yet been commented on by Netflix, CBC or series producers.

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