Actress responds to criticism of behind-the-scenes photos of New Titans

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The New Titans series gained backstage footage and fans criticized actress Anna Diop, who plays the character Estelar, an orange-skinned alien. The criticism was given to the look that fans found unfaithful to the character of the HQ.

In his instagram account Diop stated that “Racism or cruel comments has nothing to do with the person who receives them. And that is why I was not hit ”. She also stated that she is sad that this was the first impression that fans had of her character in the series, as she guarantees that the work is not complete.

Take the opportunity to check out the images:

Take the opportunity to check out an image of the character in his original HQ, the likely inspiration for the adaptation:

In addition to Diop, interpreter of Estelar, also in the images, Ryan Potter, interpreter of Beast Boy, a character who originally has green skin but appears only with colored hair in the image. Teagan Croft, who will be playing Ravena and Brenton Thwaites, playing Robin, team leader, are also in the images.

In the comics the group started in 1964 as Turma Titã, initially composed only by child heroes, such as Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad.

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By Milena Costa