Actors are rated for villain roles in The Batman; check list!

 Actors are rated for villain roles in The Batman;  check list!

New rumors about The Batman started popping up online. With Robert Pattinson assuming as the Bat Man in the movie of Matt Reeves for Warner Bros, the gallery of villains the feature promises to offer begins to look for names to join the cast of the film.

WeGotThisCovered claims that the actor John David Washington, who works with Pattinson in Tenet, has been tipped to play the villain Two face in the feature.

Already Giancarlo Esposito and Jamie Foxx production also circulates, where the site Geeks Worldwide claims the duo competes for the role of the villain Charade, Edward Enigma.

The actor Chiwetel Ejiofor it was also quoted for the film for the same role.

The actresses Vanessa Kirby and Vanessa Hudges are names also cited for the role of Selina Kyle, a Cat Woman.

Warner Bros has not confirmed a name for the film’s cast yet.

Some publications claim that the hero will fight Catwoman, Penguin, Two Faces and Mad Hatter.

The project then has been called The Batman/Untitled Batman Project and will feature a young version, played by Robert Pattinson, Gotham’s Watchman and a more investigative tone, where we’ll see the more detective character, looking for clues to the plans the villains plot through the city.

Batman arrives on June 25, 2021.