A Quiet Place 2: First reactions promise an even better film

A Quiet Place 2: First reactions promise an even better film

The first reactions to the praise the sequence directed by John Krasinski as a worthy continuation of the original story and, this time, with even more emotions.

When was released in 2018, it didn’t take long for the film to become a success story. With excellent direction of John Krasinski and an exciting story, the film quickly surpassed box office expectations. The film grossed $ 340 million worldwide and immediately began a conversation about possible sequels.

The second feature of the franchise was confirmed and went into development later that year, with Krasinski returning to writing and directing. Krasinski decided that the Abbott family story would continue, with the returns of Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe, Millicent Simmonds and even Krasinski himself also returning to his role on the screen through flashbacks.

Expectations for have been high ever since and have only continued to grow with a fantastic marketing campaign.

John Krasinski in the first film in the franchise.

Paramount, the film’s studio, has already held its first exhibitions of in the United States and reactions to the film were shared on social networks – detail: they are extremely positive. Here are some spoiler-free reactions from the movie weeks before its release: