A new Supergirl movie could be produced soon

A new Supergirl movie could be produced soon

It was recently revealed by Deadline Hollywood that Warner Bros and DC Entertainment may be in the early stages of producing a new Supergirl solo film, which already counts as 22 Jump Street writer Oren Uziel as a screenwriter.

Currently the character is lived on television by Melissa Benoist (Glee) in a series broadcast on the CW, already in its fourth season. It is not expected, however, that Benoist will also play the Girl of Steel in theaters, since DC’s cinematic and television universes do not mix – a proof of this was the hiring of Ezra Miller to live Flash on the big screens, even with the high acceptance of Grant Gustin’s TV performance.

But this is not the first time that Supergirl will be adapted for theaters: In 1984 a film directed by Jeannot Szwarc and written by David Odell was released, with Helen Slater in the main role. In the comics, the heroine first appeared in “Action Comics # 252”, by Otto Binder and Al Plastino.

In the original script, Kara Zor-El was born and raised in Argo City, a fragment of Krypton that survived destruction for a few more years. Condemned to extinction, Kara was sent to Earth by her parents so that she could meet her cousin Kal-El, better known as Superman, and here she adopted the identity of Supergirl. It is not yet known what his focus will be on the film.

Meanwhile, DC’s next theatrical releases will be Aquaman on December 21, 2018, and Shazam, expected on April 5, 2019. Anxious? Take the opportunity to know more superhero movies on our website.