A new heroine appears in Gotham City in the new Batwoman teaser!

A new heroine appears in Gotham City in the new Batwoman teaser!

The channel The CW released today (12) a new teaser of Batwoman, series starring the actress Ruby Rose.


Batwoman has already been presented at the crossover Elseworlds, but now entering its own series, it has formed its own universe.

Armed with a passion for justice and speaking her mind, Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) flies through the streets of Gotham as the Batwoman.

As an outspoken lesbian and a fierce fighter, Batwoman will prevent the crime wave from returning to the city. But, don’t call her a heroine yet. In a city desperate for one, Kate will need to fight her own demons before embracing the call to become the symbol Gotham needs to hope for.

In the series we have the actor Dougray Scott like Jacob Kane, protagonist’s father. Elizabeth Anweis, like Kate’s socialite and stepmother, Catherine Hamilton-Kane, and still the actress Nicole Kang, like your half sister Mary.

They also complete the cast, Meagan Tandy as an employee of Crows Private Security, Camrus Johnson like Luke Foxson of the executive Lucius Fox of Wayne Companies, and still Rachel Skarsten like the psychotic Alice.

Batwoman will debut in the 2019-2020 season doing a double with Supergirl. and will be in the crossover Crisis in the Infinite Lands alongside the characters of Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl.