A Million Little Things | 2 × 17 – One Year Later

 A Million Little Things |  2 × 17 - One Year Later

Jon’s action was the trigger for a series of events and A Million Little Things comes to bring 1 year after all this, but as the series is weekly with countless episodes it is a strange feeling to say that only a year has passed, especially since I don’t remember episodes that Americans love so much, like Thanksgiving, Christmas…

For Rome it was a second life, Gary calling him to talk about Jon’s death prevented him from taking his own life, but Regina found her suicide letter and he talked about it with his mother. The biggest issue was his father discovering all this after his mother’s death … Their conversation is harsh, but necessary, especially with an illness that older men judge as a vulnerability of character, as if the man is weak on account of depression.

It is too important to discuss current illnesses and show that they are not animals with seven heads if treated, monitored and talked about …

Eddie managed to show Sophie the audio of Jon and she understood that her family was no longer well, that he did not kill himself because of Delilah’s betrayal. It was important for both of them to take that step so that she would forgive him and he felt that Jon would forgive him.

Delilah ran away from Miles, but it is Maggie who got her back problems because of her going to the UK to study at Oxford. The series seems to say goodbye to the character, puts her as leaving with a broken heart, so much so that Regina and Rome also try to alert their friend, but Gary moves on…

When I thought he would call Maggie and get it right, he’s flirting with Kath’s friend Darcy and it seems like they’re both open to having something.

A Million Little Things he keeps working on each of his characters in pieces, like Kath having an interview and following his life, or even Eddie starting to remember small fragments of his past that link Alex’s death … There is drama!