A Million Little Things | 2 × 16 – Change of Plans

 A Million Little Things |  2 × 16 - Change of Plans

THE Million Little Things he continues to make small moments important things and unravel the feelings of his characters. Love, hope, violence, fears and addictions, are worked on in order to involve us with each one of them …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Regina and Rome’s drama in fear of how Derek reacts to the things Eve does is very tense, especially with him aggressive at all times. His threats are very complicated, especially with her pregnant and not being able to go through all that, but as the couple has a huge heart, of course they can find a way to get her out of that abusive relationship.

It is not possible to be calm with each of their scenes together, the actress Ebboney Wilson expresses her emotions and supplications with just looks. But unfortunately there must be more secrets behind their relationship … For now, Eve will be hiding and Derek will be threatening the couple.

Maggie and Delillah went out to take the weight of things off their backs, to have a women’s night to talk, flirt, drink … And it was good to put these lighter moments for them, especially for Delillah, only that her last romance disappeared from the series and now we’re 10 years younger, Miles.

Kath had to spend the afternoon with Theo, but she had to rush to work and help deliver a powerful woman’s contract, only she ends up finding out that she was only called because they didn’t trust Carter in a veiled case of homophobia, which makes her quit. I found her development very interesting, a very good growth since she was always tough and absent from her family because of work and after seeing her whole life turn upside down, she understands that she needs to cool down and balance things , but for her and her son.

But it ends up affecting Eddie, who ends up discovering that Dakota uses drugs and thought about not helping her anymore, which forces him to talk to his wife about the ways to go.

And how did he discover Dakota’s drug? He found a bag on the couch just when his sister Lindsey came home. Eddie had been planning to talk to his sister, see if she is really sober, only that this paper makes him expel her from his home. With everything settled, Lindsey has a very good time with her brother and her nephew, but before leaving she leaves a mystery in the air … After all, what happened in their past at the lake house?

Finally we have Gary approaching Becky, Kath’s friend, and thinking that they created a connection, only that she only warned him about how he is and how to charge. I already see him and Maggie coming back again, even though she has her place in Oxford back.

THE Million Little Things it has evolved its characters and delivering good things, leaving very well of the initial plot of the death of Jon.