A Million Little Things | 2 × 13 – Daisy

 A Million Little Things |  2 × 13 - Daisy

And the little things in life are in the memories and A Million Little Things it shows this with Delilah’s father, who has his cares, because his mind is playing tricks on account of Alzheimer’s, and even in the little ones the head can be a problem, as we see with Theo and the fact that he keeps things to himself .

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

What Sophie needed to know to forgive, or talk to her mother better, was her true story. And with Lenny going through problems and disappearing from home, Delilah ends up catching the attention of Sophie, who wants to help in the search for her grandfather. It turns out that when she finds him, he thinks she is Delilah and starts talking about his mother’s marriage to Jon, which makes the daughter discover how unhappy the mother was…

In the end, mother and daughter have a moment of peace, but the most beautiful and the way Sophie talks to Charlie, telling her grandfather’s stories.

Now, Eve is the girl who will have the baby and put it in Regina and Rome’s life, and the meeting between them was sensational, the biggest problem is not how the waitress will have her life changed, but how Regina and him face it things. Regina knowing that she has problems with the baby’s father, wants to leave the story behind, but Rome can’t leave it and wants a conclusion and I believe that something is heavy for the girl …

And we have Theo having very graceful moments to understand the head of a boy who wants to see perfection in his mother and father. Kath knows that she needs to change that and by taking him to a psychologist, she understands that she and Eddie are also part of this problem. The way they end up making everything softer, for the child not to create things in his head about being perfect and nothing to change, should yield cool things.

And finally we have Gary and Maggie getting along, deciding to be more friends… They both have strong feelings for each other, but they are still too hurt to assume that and the time is to let everything be more peaceful, let the dust settle and help the others, like the friend who still can’t forget that she could die from cancer, even with it leaving her body.

A Million Little Things can take small moments and turn them into very good things, even if sometimes it takes time to get into a plot.