A Million Little Things | 2 × 10 – The Kiss

 A Million Little Things |  2 × 10 - The Kiss

And after a brief hiatus, A Million Little Things is back and ready to show even more drama to its characters. The biggest open questions remained for Sophie’s reaction to Delilah and how Gary will be alone without Maggie …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

But then, it wasn’t just that, of course the most intense part draws attention, but I loved the way they are dealing with Regina and Rome’s desire to adopt a child and the way he reacts when he thinks his wife wants to hide that he suffers from social worker depression. Their conversation about how she sees him as an incredibly strong person just for seeking treatment, made her take that off the record, but that she would put it back on.

Putting Danny with the desire to give the first kiss to the one he loves and not the girl who plays Sandy in the theater play was very simple and symbolic for the current times. I liked that Eliot finally responded to him and that he dreamed the first kiss, but I want to see how this teen love drama unfolds.

Gary begins to need to deal with his anger, so much so that in a moment on the street he screams at a driver and he comes down armed threatening him, leaving him without a floor. The breakup with Maggie has triggered numerous problems and I hope they deepen that, even more with their mother being able to appear soon.

And Maggie will also have problems, as she needs to deal with her feelings for Gary, the fact that she is tucked in the middle of her friends, and now being next to Eric who keeps a secret. This part of their drama is really bad, because we see Eric without a shirt and without the scar of the surgery, opening the question about the reason for his lies, what motivated him to approach them…

Now, Eddie and Kath are loving this phase with Charlie and Theo is more comfortable with the situation, and I think this is due to the way the family is open to conversation. An important factor is the father telling about his alcohol addiction and explaining that his aunt, his sister, also has this problem, and it is a reason why she is removed from the family.

When we see Sophie and Delilah’s relationship, it is intense to expect a teenager to understand that her mother cheated on her father with her best friend and then killed herself, and that is what makes her think that this betrayal is one of the reasons for suicide. It must still take time for Sophie to understand things and Delilah must suffer a little to win her daughter back.

A Million Little Things it must grow to other universes of its characters and I can only wait to see more of this drama being worked on.